Thrive Online with Purpose-Driven Web Design and Digital Marketing

Thrive online with purpose-driven web design and digital marketing to help you sell your business with heart and soul, create a life you love, and generate income online.

Purpose-Driven Web Design and Digital Marketing

Thrive Online with Heart & Soul

Does any of this resonate with you?

A Change-Maker and Disruptor

A change-maker agitating for ideological goals, you’re a disruptor inspiring positive transformation, with a clear vision for generating returns good for both your business and the entire planet.

Intuition is Your Guiding Force

Maybe it was fear, a thought, or a feeling, but now your faith in following your “gut” instinct is strong. Your intuition is a guiding force in your life and business.

“What You Think of Me is Not my Problem.”

Conscious entrepreneurs have discovered when they stop caring what others think, others suddenly start paying attention and are more interested in what they are doing.

You're a Conscious Entrepreneur

You identify yourself as a conscious thought leader and heart-centered entrepreneur, energized to tell yourself a story about why you are in business.

You’re Not Afraid to Face the Truth

It might seem contradictory, but this is about telling yourself the truth. What is truly happening? What are you avoiding? What are you pretending still isn’t real?

Your Life, or Soul Purpose Matters

You have an eternal search for the truth about who you are and what you are here to do. You’re passion grows and expands each time you accept more of your reality.

And Yes, Money Does Matter

As a conscious entrepreneur, you understand that money, like all things, is just energy. You’re not afraid to take action and do the work to heal outdated patterns and beliefs.

If This Resonates with You, then We Are on the Same Wavelength!

Your online presence is an investment in yourself that gives you the flexibility to spend your time and energy on making a difference, living a life you love, and most importantly, generating income.

Why Purpose-Driven Web Design?

Freedom to Thrive Online and Create a Life You Love

Owning a website gives you a life of freedom, where you’re the boss, while staying true to your values.

Your online presence is your intellectual property right. You’re in control because it’s your home base online. It’s the one true place where you can authentically show up online—without limits.

It’s the place where you’re truly free to sell your products/services with soul, market your business with heart, and create the life you love—all the while generating revenue, consciously.

Jason Holland’s Expertise

Purpose -Driven Web Design, Digital Marketing Magic, and a Dash of WordPress Alchemy

With over 23 years of professional industry experience (and 200+ sites under my belt), I can handle almost and WordPress-powered website. As a heart-centered creator, it’s kind of one of my multi-dimensional superpowers.
Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

Heart-Centered Creator

Who is Jason Holland?

Sr. Freelance Web Designer, Artist, Blogger & Breathwork Facilitator

Hi, I am Jason! I help like-minded conscious entrepreneurs and businesses empower themselves to thrive online, live a life they love, and generate income through purpose-driven web design and digital marketing magic.
A self-empowered, freelance web designer and developer with over 23 years of professional industry experience (and over 200 websites under my belt), there is almost no WordPress-powered website I can’t handle.

And like most entrepreneurs, I have worn many hats, learning many new skills along the way. I am best in my role when I’m helping other conscious entrepreneurs thrive online and creating a life they love—all while generating income. I am proud of my work and my clients success.

Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator
Jason Holland

Breathwork, meditations, and the inspiration blog by Jason Holland have a new home!